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    Introduction of the magnetic water filter
    The magnetic water filter is capable to removing iron contaminants (such as rust iron, iron particles) and other small ferromagnetic impurities. It can effectively improve the product purity on production line, and protect key equipment from destruction resulted in by iron particles.
    The whole magnetic water filter is made of stainless steel. the core magnetic rods are made of the latest technology of ultrapowerful NdFeB(neodymium iron boron) permanent magnetic rare earth. The magnetic field peak value is higher than 12,000 gauss, which is the world’s highest class material. Magnetic rods and fittings are welded by continuous stainless steel welding. Both quick-open flange lid or sanitary tri-clamp lid are available for easy opening.
    When you need the filter the heated liquid ,such as chocolate ,the magnetic filter can be designed with heating jacket as jacketed type magnetic filter
    Features of the magnetic water filter
    Completely stainless steel AISI316 and AISI304
    Surface finish mirror polished Ra<0.4um
    Operating pressure and arrive 10 bar or more
    Magnet field strength :3000Gs-15000Gs
    Applications of the magnetic water filter
    Coldwater circulation systems, cleaning tower systems (open systems)
    Refrigerators, coolers, heat exchangers, extrusion molders, mold cooling, compressors, heating ovens, reaction towers
    Low-temperature water circulation systems, building air conditioning systems (primary side, secondary side, sealed systems), refrigerators, boilers, heat exchangers
    Hot water supply systems (hot water)
    Boilers, hot water tanks, electric water heaters, heaters, bathrooms, heated swimming pools, solar systems
    Water supply systems (drinking water)
    Water holding tanks, elevated water tanks, well water, pools, baths
    Agriculture, paddy cultivation, spas, water tanks, nutrition, cement mixing, etc.sanitary Magnetic Filter

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