I Got Stuck on Elementor

Its not what you think.

Had to contact Go Daddy as the theme got stuck and messes up my pages. When they reset my Services and Contact pages, all data did not upload.

Oh well. I’m still on a learning curve here. Used OceanWP to set up Buddypress. Don’t like how the pages are laid out. Tried another theme that I was impressed with that had a sidebar. I do like the full width but you cant have everything unless your good at coding. Going to have to choose. Probably revert back to OceanWP cause I like the full width layout. Still trying to upload a (welcome) Buddypress widget to put on footer 4 as the theme doesn’t supply it. May have to upgrade to Elementor Pro.

Anyway try to get Buddypress functional and operational. Have lots of people email me to be added onto the site.




God has called me to design end time communities, places of refuge for the coming mass exodus of people who will be forced to evacuate their homes due to coming calamities, especially on the west coast of Canada. For the past 30 years I have been developing the engineering and building skills required for the work of building the places of refuge or KINGDOM CAMPS.

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